CUNY Gallery Offers Guides to Bronx Art and Architecture

12/08/2009 2:54 PM |

Loews Paradise theater

The Bronx is probably the most rarely, or second most rarely covered borough on the Measure and at The L in general—at least we can get to Staten Island without going through another borough, going to the BX means crossing Queens or Manhattan, ugh. (There was this last week, though!) At any rate, The Bronx need not seem so foreign and far away, and CUNY’s Lehman College Art Gallery has a couple of great tools to make getting around this city’s only mainland borough a little easier and artsier.

Their Public Art in the Bronx is an extremely comprehensive catalog of just about every statue and ornament you could come across up there, from the Tom Otterness sculptures in Roberto Clemente State Park, to Ben Shahn and Bernarda Bryson Shahn’s 1939 murals and sculptures at the Bronx General Post Office. The Lehman College Art Gallery just launched a companion guide to Bronx architecture, which offers maps and walking tours of the borough’s most important buildings, from the ultra-modern Bronx County Hall of Justice to the beautiful Loews Paradise Theater (pictured) and the absolutely terrifying Tracey Towers. Get to know your neighbor to the near North. (Artdaily)