Free Sex with Danish Prostitutes!

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12/17/2009 2:23 PM |

But if you ask for The Little Mermaid, you have to pay extra.

  • But if you ask for “The Little Mermaid,” you have to pay extra.

Many of the world’s leaders are in Copenhagen, hard at work on a climate treaty. And sometimes they just need to relax, unwind, release a few emissions of their own, you know?

Copenhagen’s mayor and city council sent postcards to hotels before the summit began, urging guests not to patronize the city’s sex workers, and urging hotels not to “arrange contacts between hotel guests and prostitutes” (concierge service!), presumably to prevent our world leaders from being so preoccupied with having sex with whores that they don’t progress on a climate treaty and then we all sink into the sea.

But wait, say the whores of Copenhagen! This grandstanding prudery must not stand! So. If any accredited attendee of the climate conference presents one of the offending postcards to a Copenhagen sex worker, he or she will get, as they say in the business, and also in Penthouse Forum, a “freebie.”

When I first used the “someday I will move to Copenhagen” tag on a blog post, I had no idea I’d be getting so much use out of it.