Helpful Charticle Shows Chain of Command Between Morgan Freeman’s Roles

12/15/2009 10:49 AM |

Morgan Freeman with Cotton Candy

Morgan Freeman, who’s currently portraying Nelson Mandela on a screen and in an Oscar pool near you, has played just about every kind of character an actor could hope to without being, well, a big joke who just does crazy impressions—I’m looking at you, every SNL graduate ever. His filmography is getting so absurdly long that it’s become essentially impossible to remember all his films, or even sort the good from the bad, the moving from the mediocre, etc. That’s where this nifty charticle (after the jump) will come in handy, organizing a helpful chain of command from Freeman’s most powerful role (God in Bruce Almighty) right down to the completely subservient (Miss Daisy’s driver in Driving Miss Daisy). Thank you, internet, for clearing that up. (NextRound)

Morgan Freeman role chain of command

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