Highly Unsympathetic Protesters Angry About Plastic Surgery Tax

12/14/2009 10:44 AM |

Wildenstein, plastic surgery

I’m all for an empowered populace prepared to stand up and protest about policy it deems unjust, but I’m not so sure that anti-“botax” activists are going to garner much public sympathy. A handful of protesters gathered yesterday to rail against Harry Reid’s proposal to tax elective plastic surgery, an idea which would generate approximately $6 billion over the next ten years—nothing to sneeze at (especially if your nose is still healing). Such sympathetic figures as bankers and models stood around in Times Square to share their outrage, at the behest of Park Avenue plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg, who makes lots and lots of money based on the vanity and insecurity of others.

One Comment

  • I’m not against the idea of taxation on anything, that is where the government gets the money to provide basic services. But over-taxation is another course by itself. I’m however not in favor of taxing people providing basic service to another like tending to their medical needs as what medical practitioners do. And I believe plastic surgeons (cosmetic or otherwise) do fall into that category too. In the end its the client that suffers the burden of taxes because medical practitioners can easily pass it over to them by asking for higher professional fees.
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