James Mercer and Danger Mouse Release Debut Broken Bells Single

12/21/2009 2:41 PM |


Before the internet went on vacation, there were some folks who were quite excited about the wild goose chase of a marketing plan that had been employed by Broken Bells, the new collaboration between Shins frontman James Mercer and hip-hop producer Danger Mouse. There were links to snippets of tracks all over the place, and if you had a bunch of different windows open at once, it was supposed to sound like something resembling a song. I didn’t look into it because, frankly, it seemed like a lot of work. And, what do you know, my laziness paid off: their first single, “The High Road,” is available as a free download from their website. I’ve only listened once so far, and it’s nice enough, I suppose. If it’s the best they have to offer, though—and since it’s their first single, they probably think it is—we probably shouldn’t be too excited for the 3/9 release of their debut full-length. [via Pitchfork]