John McCain Channels Ted Kennedy from Beyond the Grave

12/21/2009 3:23 PM |

John McCain

There really is nothing classier than calling on the “disappointment” of a dead man, particularly when said dead man’s wife is actually busy expressing happiness on the dead man’s behalf. Well, so it goes it with bitter old impotent men like John McCain, who today expressed his grumpiness at the successful health care bill cloture vote by suggesting that Ted Kennedy would be upset about its 60-40 bipartisan nature. You’re damn right he’d be pissed at obstructionist Republicans. Fuck.

As for the Senate bill in its current form, well, it’s pretty watered down from what the more progressive among us wanted, but Pareene has a nice bit of STFU for those who want to just kill it. Anyway, I’m still scared to go to the doctor, and when I do, I go to this guy.

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