Kids Like Twilight, Declares Judge

12/04/2009 10:50 AM |

The actors in Twilight are attractive!!

  • The actors in “Twilight” are attractive!!

Judges aren’t known for their sparkling prose—in fact, most written legal decisions are lucky to be intelligible at all for an audience not stepped in the legal argot. (And even then…) But that didn’t stop the judge presiding over the Twilight plaigiarism case from engaging in a little literary criticism.

At the end of November, Judge Otis Wright, of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, dismissed a suit brought by Jordan Scott, author of The Nocturne, against Stephanie Meyer, an obscure author who has written a series of romantic vampire novels; the suit alleged that Meyer copied portions of Scott’s book, Motoko Rich reported yesterday for Arts Beat. (We knew about it earlier, of course, because Ms. Rich told us about it on the line for the bathroom at Galapagos.)

Rich reported that the judge made an extensive comparison between the two books, including the dialogue: Scott’s is “an amalgamation of largely archaic and some modern language that is likely unparalleled in either classical or modern literature,” which sounds less like a compliment than a polite expression of bafflement. Meyer’s, on the other hand, “maintains a very modern and fresh tone throughout the story that is appealing to a younger audience.” So there you have it: even the law recognizes the appeal of the Twilight series, as YA fiction anyway. Its appeal to older women is still a puzzle.