Lily Allen to Launch Record Label Without Internet Access

12/02/2009 1:36 PM |


I pull for Lily Allen, really, I do. I know she’s had a rough go of it with the media, and it can’t be easy when, to most of the world, the most interesting thing about your career is how it started (MySpace) rather than the music you’ve made. But man, she just cannot stop saying stupid shit.

In an interview with BBC Newsbeat, the singer confirmed that she plans to take “one or two years off from recording and performing music,” which is all well and good. What does she plan to do during that time, though? Well, she’s going to start a record label.

“I’m going to get into signing new bands, but at a really early level,” Allen explained. “I don’t want to compete with other record companies, but I want to support new artists.”

Even this sounds reasonable. If I’m understanding correctly, she wants to start a label that focuses on younger artists and gives them the chance to develop. This is a good thing, obviously, and it’s to her credit that she even understands this, given what her experience has been like. She could run into a bit of a problem when it comes to actually finding any of those artists, though.

“I’ve stopped everything, I haven’t got a computer and I haven’t got a BlackBerry,” she said. “I don’t do emails or anything now.”

It’s hard to blame her for rejecting the internet, given all the grief it’s caused her (or, really, even given the fact that it made her very rich; remember, she’s still young), but the whole throwing out the baby with the bath water thing is just silly. [via NME]