Lupe Fiasco Whets Our Appetite With Mixtape of the Year Contender

12/02/2009 10:54 AM |

Lupe Fiasco

Over Thanksgiving weekend, while everyone was busy working in the kitchen, I was eagerly anticipating and then compulsively playing and re-paying Lupe Fiasco‘s new mixtape, Enemy of the State: A Love Story (click here to download). At eleven tracks (including two skits) and just over 20 minutes, it’s a short and very, very sweet affair, with Lupe going for broke over fairly major recent instrumentals (The Clipse’s “Popular Demand”), underrated rap classics (Jay-Z’s “So Ghetto”) and more unconventional fodder (Radiohead’s “The National Anthem”). The stand-out verse (on a mixtape full of excellent verses) comes when Lupe spits for two and a half minutes over Lil Wayne’s “Fireman.” Check it out after the jump.

First he rattles off this tirade: “Melt that change and make a ring/take that ring and make a bracelet/take that bracelet make a chain/look out for my necklace and/connect the chain up to a crane/pull the game up by the brain/could not move them just with brains/so I had to use some bling,” and then in the space of a few bars he asserts “I am Patrick Swayze, you are Whoopi Goldberg,” and calls himself “a black rap Zach Galifianakis.” Enemy of the State: A Love Story comes ahead of Lupe’s much-anticipated third album, Lasers, slated for an early 2010 release.