Lupe Fiasco’s Song from the New Moon Soundtrack: Is this Acceptable?

12/10/2009 11:28 AM |

Lupe Fiasco Solar Midnight

The best new rapper of the decade, Lupe Fiasco, has been fond of rock-rap hybrids for a little while now, and I guess there’s probably no better place to continue in that vein than on the soundtrack to a blockbuster showdown of vampires vs. werewolves vs. teen sex. Still, “Solar Midnite” off the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack (video after the jump) is a rather half-assed affair, with none of Lupe’s clever wordplay, his perfect enunciation blurred by a sound effect that makes him sound like he’s actually telegraphing in his verses, which he sort of is anyways.

And the video? Meh, just Lupe and an anonymous rock band playing against an industrial backdrop while twenty-somethings playing teen-somethings run from werewolves and into each others’ arms. On the other hand, this means millions of suburban high schoolers around the country will be exposed to Lupe for the first time, and that’s good. Also, he’s presumably making a lot of money off this track, and as long as that money goes towards making his next record, Lasers, extra-awesome, this just might be okay after all.