New Young Money Video for Flinstones-Themed Song Has Nothing to do with The Flinstones!

12/09/2009 2:22 PM |


So, as Mike and I discuss in the current PopScene, the second single from Lil Wayne and his Young Money crew, “BedRock,” is pretty much your standard posse sex talk, with each consecutive member claiming increasingly absurd bedroom prowess. The video came out yesterday, and the worst thing about it is that there are no visual Flinstones references to accompany the chorus of “Call me Mr. Flinstone/I can make your bed rock.” It is a prolonged TV reference, though, in as much as the group is basically on MTV’s The Real World, all lounging around a mansion, peeping into each others’ rooms at inopportune times, not refilling the fridge, and playing foosball. (Kids these days!) Check it out after the jump.