Next Month: Free E-Waste Pickups in Manhattan

12/08/2009 10:55 AM |

e-waste by edward burtynsky

For the month of January, the Manhattan-based e-waste management group The 4th Bin will be doing house- and office-calls all around the island, picking up any old electronics you might have lying around and disposing of them in an environmentally appropriate manner. All you have to do is fill out a form and they’ll drop by your place next month to collect clunky old mp3 players, virus-ridden laptops, water-damaged digital cameras and whatever other high-tech gadgets you’ve been hording rather than throwing away—in 2005, New Yorkers trashed 250,000 tons of electronic waste.

The 4th Bin also runs a Cell Phones for Food program with City Harvest, whereby any proceeds generated by the sale and scrapping of old cell phones you send in free of charge are used to provide food for New Yorkers in need. See, your first, carton of milk-shaped cell phone isn’t completely useless after all. (Metropolis)
(photo: “Circuit Boards”, 2004, by Edward Burtynsky)