Oh Look, the Holidays Are Here (And So Are the Kinks)

12/11/2009 10:26 AM |

My sister’s birthday was yesterday, which I realize maybe isn’t something you find particularly interesting. But as kids, we were never allowed to put our Christmas tree up until after her birthday had passed, out of fear that her thunder would be stolen or something. The day after, the tree would go up, my mom would decorate the rest of the house, and Christmas music would be on all the time. So, for me, today marks the official start of the holiday season, which is convenient for a few reasons. 1) It’s fucking freezing outside and everything feels perfect. 2) I’m wearing corduroy, which, you know… Christmas. 3) Our office holiday party is tonight. 4) On the day of our holiday party, we do a gift exchange thing in the office, so everyone will be drunk (and this blog will be pretty much dead) by 3pm at the absolute latest. 5) Father Christmas. Just sayin.