Paste Magazine Charts the Evolution of the Hipster

12/08/2009 4:02 PM |


Paste Magazine threw caution to the wind in their November issue, when they ignored the fact that nothing smart, funny, insightful, accurate or interesting has ever been said about hipsters and decided to move forward with a dopey little photography project called The Evolution of the Hipster 2000-2009. You don’t want to look at it, and you definitely shouldn’t. You will, though, and when you do, you will learn the following things:

In 2000, hipsters wore eyeliner.

In 2001, hipsters wore Death Cab For Cutie t-shirts.

In 2002, hipsters wore PBR trucker hats and were obsessed with “irony,” which appears in quotes for no good reason whatsoever.

In 2003, hipsters got tattoos on their chests.

In 2004, hipsters smoked pipes and favored eyeglasses like those worn by Buddy Holly — even when their vision was perfect! Ha! Ha!

In 2005, hipsters wore furry hats, rode Vespas and got tattoos of the Japanese symbol for beauty.

In 2006, hipsters grew beards.

In 2007, hipsters developed an interest in vintage clothes.

In 2008, hipsters drank Sparks and wore shutter shades.

In 2009, hipsters finished their sleeve tattoos and wore t-shirts with wolves on them.

That’s not all, though, You’ll learn lots of other things, too, like the exact moments at which hipsters started liking photography and vinyl! And also how to make your magazine seem like it’s run by the elderly!

One Comment

  • 2004, I was a sophomore or junior in art college (total scam, btw). There was an art star who got big plastic glasses sometime then, and his vision was perfect. We know because we took his glasses once and tried them on. So at least them got that right. But this entire article is just… smh.