R. Kelly Makes a Certified Fool of Trey Songz

12/04/2009 5:20 PM |

R. Kelly

R. Kelly never struck me as a man of many words. Aside from the wonderfully imaginative cluster-fuck that was “Trapped In The Closet,” Kellz seemed to have a sort of one track mind: Bumpin’ and grindin’, because there certainly ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little of that. Today, however, R. Kelly released a video responding to the Trey Songz diss track “D.O.K. (Death of Kellz),” which came out sometime back in the summer. Always the gentleman, the black and white video features Kellz in what I’m guessing is a wine cellar or personal office with a whole lot of exposed brick and some chic French posters, waxing philosophical on all things hater related.

His logic boils down to something like this: Don’t tell me that I’m doing something wrong with my music because I’ve been in this business a whole lot longer than you and I’ve sold like a bajillion records and am incredibly famous. At the end he does start to sound like a cranky old man as he bemoans the lack of respect from younger artists. But he ends with some sweet metaphors, respectfully, yet assertively, brushing Songz (whom he never mentions by name) off to the side—”Elephants don’t swat flies.” Point: R. Kelly. Check it out after the jump.

One Comment

  • Hell, R. Kelly is right. Who in the hell does Trey Songz think he is. His cd, sounds like he copied off of all R.Kelly’s albums. Trey Songz, is a jack-ass. R. Kelly is the true king of R&B and his not going anywhere so all you hater; go to hell!!!!!