Roberta’s Hipster Pizza Joint Now Features Radio Station, Is Basically TV Sitcom

12/07/2009 2:11 PM |

Empire Records

Much-lauded hipster pizza joint Roberta’s is crying out to become some kind of narrative-driven television show. Now that there’s an internet radio station appended to the whole crazy Bushwick compound (the unfortunately named Heritage Radio Network, which immediately makes me think of fascist/racist white nationalists) it seems only a matter of time before the whole thing gets “made for TV.”

The only question now is what kind of show it’ll be: a classic TV sitcom mix of Jack’s Bistro-era Three’s Company and WKRP in Cinncinnati; an hour-long evening soap opera in the style of The OC, or the more procedurally-oriented Gray’s Anatomy; or the obvious, reality driven Real Life-style we all want to see? I’d actually love to see the first one, laugh-track included, at the very least to enjoy an awkward season-three cameo in which Kyp from TV on the Radio tries to make pizza for a very hungry Animal Collective. Highjinks.