Sad Bedford Avenue Bike Lane Funeral Turns Into NYPD Parade

12/14/2009 3:07 PM |

Bike Bedford

Yesterday, despite the crappy, crappy weather, a small group of cyclists (35 according to the Post) gathered in Williamsburg and rode to the stretch of Bedford Avenue where a bike lane was recently removed, replaced, and re-removed, and partied in the street. Participants in the “New Orleans-style funeral precession,” which was organized by Time’s Up, reportedly chanted “When the bikes go marching in” as they rode in the tracks of the removed bike lane.

By the time Flickr user bicyclesonly stopped to shoot video of the procession (after the jump), the number of demonstrators was down to 14, with about 20 NYPD vehicles following along with their lights flashing, which looks more than a little scary and ridiculous. Transportation Alternatives is organizing their own Bedford Avenue bike lane protest on Wednesday called Waving Wednesdays, when the weather will hopefully be nicer, and cyclists will ride down the avenue in waves, waving at motorists and pedestrians, blinding them with niceness. (Curbed)