Since You Can’t Give Everyone You Love a Real iPhone for the Holidays…

12/10/2009 8:51 AM |

Phoney iPhone Dummy

What if there were a way you could get everyone on your holiday gift list nearly perfect copies of the hottest gadget since the automated bread slicer? Well, it just so happens that iPhone Dummy manufactures exact replicas of the popular Apple whatsit, without all those pesky electronics, for the low, low price of $19.95. The iPhone Dummy (pictured) doesn’t require an expensive AT&T subscription, it won’t ring at inconvenient times (or ever), and you never have to recharge its batteries because it doesn’t have any. So what do you get for $19.95? Oh, just the best gag gift in the world (I can already see my cousins’ disappointed faces), and an awesome prop for pranks, as demonstrated by the inventors of the iPhone Dummy, after the jump. (BoingBoing)

The fun really starts around 1:15. I like the people who take a running start, thinking that they’ll swipe the thing and make away with it before anyone notices.