Spoon Release New Single, “Written in Reverse”

12/01/2009 10:26 AM |


We’ll have to wait until January 19th for the release of Spoon‘s new album, Transference, but its first single has arrived six weeks early, the perfect Christmas gift for those who like to give the gift of digital audio files that cost 99 cents. “Written in Reverse” is available for purchase as an MP3 today, with a proper 7″ to follow on January 5th, and it plays out in much the same way all of Spoon’s recent material has: big chunky maracas rattle occasionally, bass comes in and out, guitars blurt out sharp, aggressive lines, vocals are double- and triple-tracked; the whole thing is made up of tense, boldly recorded sounds that somehow, when put next to one another, sound loose and carefree. It’s a mystery you could easily chalk up to studio trickery if they didn’t always manage to pull it off live as well.

One Comment

  • There must be some kind of a screw up, I clicked that link and a Them Crooked Vultures song came on?! j/k – but this is not my type of music and this is not a good song… Also- Crystal Castles #39 album of 00’s at NME. Told you they were good. Hate the #1 (The Strokes?!), actually I’d fix that list by flipping 1 with 100 (MGMT).

    ok, carry on…