Stepping Up Your Scarf Game

12/03/2009 9:01 AM |


We all know that the absolute best way to stay warm on the streets of New York is not a hat or a pair of gloves but a flask in our pocket. But the designers over at Wintercheck Factory have just made us re-evaluate the limitations of our pre-Julian thinking.

Who’s Julian, you ask? Julian is the GREATEST scarf ever. Each of the 13 color combinations are equipped with two no-rip nylon pockets, which can carry your keys, your iPod, or “approximately” six mini bottles of your favorite drink—you could mix a Grateful Dead in the bathroom of the movie theatre! Finally— form & function we understand.

Wintercheck is a Bushwick-based design company that creates accessories for your home and wardrobe. Founded by Kristen Wintrcek, the company operates throughout the borough. With plans to expand to the West Coast soon, right now is a special time for Wintrcek, who feels that each product developed and purchased is a mini-investment in both the company and the Brooklyn community.

For more information, you can visit the Wintercheck online store. Or, for a behind the scenes look at the Julian scarf, you can check out this video. Stay warm, Brooklyn!

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