T-Pain Would Like You to Donate the T-Shirt Off Your Back

12/04/2009 9:46 AM |

T-Pain Take Your Shirt Off

As much as his music, for the most part, is just not that good or interesting, I have to admit that there’s something weirdly vital about what T-Pain has been doing lately. He’s like the epitome of the rap star for the age of viral marketing and iPhone apps, not afraid to parody the people who parody him, and then turn around and diss the biggest name in the game. He also dances his ass off in, like, every video, which most rap stars consider themselves much too cool to ever do, but T-Pain always seems so determined to command the spotlight that there doesn’t seem to be much he wouldn’t do, a notion that he basically confirms and simultaneously makes light of in his latest video. Damn he’s clever…

In the new video for “Take Your Shirt Off,” the first single off his upcoming record RevolveR (March 2010, supposedly), T-Pain plays the savvy nerd at an uncool frat house. He comes up with the idea of organizing a charity T-shirt drive in order to lure attractive coeds from the nearby frat parties and get them to remove their clothes. Then there’s a concert where George Clinton and Petey Pablo (“Shirt Off” being basically a remake of his hit “Raise Up“) make appearances. Finally, T-Pain cheats at strip poker by wearing layered t-shirts that read “Take,” “Your,” “Shirt,” “Off,” which is unfair, obviously, but it’ all for charity, so it’s okay. Maybe even a little better thank okay.