The Beginning of the End of 50 Cent?

12/01/2009 12:40 PM |

50 Cent

50 Cent never does anything when he first says he will (like, release records), but he always gets it done eventually. You may remember that back in the summer of 2007, when it became clear that his Curtis album and Kanye West’s Graduation were going to drop on the same date, 50 challenged Kanye to outsell him, claiming that he’d retire if he lost. When Graduation outsold Curtis by a quarter million copies, 50 went on as if nothing had happened, and we were all very disappointed. Now, with a delay of over two years, he might be finally beginning to shut down his musical career.

In a recent interview with VIBE, 50 mentioned that his next mixtape will be his last. This seems especially significant given that he got his original record contract after a few hugely popular mixtapes like Guess Who’s Back and 50 Cent Is The Future. In the interview he also talks about his film company, for which he’ll be producing three to five films per year, which basically amounts to announcing his retirement from music. This would make last month’s aptly titled Before I Self-Destruct his final album, which is nicely ominous and satisfying in a way that 50’s music hasn’t been since Get Rich or Die Tryin’.