This Is How The L Magazine Will Work in Five Years (Okay, ten. Twenty? Some day?)

12/18/2009 4:33 PM |


The solution to the much-discussed death of print (discussed so much that it’s single-handedly keeping print alive?), if we’re to believe the snazzy, vaguely sci-fi but completely serious presentation by the imagineers at gadget companies Bonnier and Berg (after the jump), involves making a kindle work like an iPhone with magazine-y content.

To be not sarcastic for a second, this prototype simulation (dubbed Mag+) is actually pretty impressive, and the fact that they genuinely seem to want to preserve the magazine aesthetic while reproducing its feel as best possible with pixels has essentially won me over. I just worry that ads will become extra-obnoxious on such tablet devices so as to attract the attention not only of the reader, but also everyone standing nearby. Also, you can’t swat flies with a tablet-form magazine (at least not more than once).

(Creative Review)