This New Found Photos Blog, Sketchy Santas, Is the Best Kind of Holiday Cheer

12/08/2009 8:56 AM |

Crappy Santas

Last week, to make sure we all marked that important fall turning point from Thanksgiving towards Christmas, I directed you towards Crappy Santas, a funny site of less than cheerful Santa Claus toys, statues, ornaments and signs found in malls, window displays, trees and the like. That photo blog looks a lot less funny now in light of Sketchy Santas, which simply, nostalgically, and with infinite delight features some of the most cheerless (or disproportionately cheerful, as pictured) men ever to don Santa suits.

Some are in malls, others are featured in family portraits, some are totally WTF, and still others are of the home-made variety, appearing in living rooms with visiting relatives’ screaming children who, now grown up, had the good humor to submit their childhood pictures to the user-generated photo blog. There are so many great photos on there going up almost every hour, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one right after the jump.

Crappy Santas

Someone had a little too much eggnog. (NextRound)

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