This Week in Passive-Aggressive Film Criticism

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12/03/2009 11:14 AM |


Nice work by J. Hoberman in this week’s lead Village Voice film review: aside from summing up nicely Up in the Air‘s mix of cynically charm coating and smugly moral center, he sneaks in this:

Natalie’s cruel scheme for online firing suggests an updated gag from Chaplin’s Modern Times but it’s hardly outlandish. (I have a colleague who was fired on a conference call.)

See, now I’m mostly curious as to who he means. There’s been no shortage of film critics let go over the past few years, but I’d really like it if the soulless hatchetmen he’s referring to were his employers at Village Voice Media, who’ve downsized or otherwise ousted much of the staff of the paper, especially the film section, over the past few years. Your tips are welcome (mostly because I’m reluctant to email the ex-Voiceers who now write for us and ask them how their and their friends’ firings went down, that’d be awkward and unprofessional, wouldn’t it?).