VIDEO: Protesting Dow Chemical’s Refusal to Clean Up Bhopal

12/23/2009 1:11 PM |

A little over 25 years ago, a Union Carbide plant near Bhopal, India accidentally released toxins into the surrounding area, leading to the deaths of thousands of Indians (and the life-long health problems of hundreds of thousands more). Union Carbide was bought by ginormous Dow Chemical about ten years ago, and the monster company has yet to do anything of substance in remediating the horrible mess made by its latest asset. (Btw, if you haven’t seen this video of the greatest media prank of all time, you should definitely watch the Yes Men pretend to speak for Dow Chemical live on BBC News. Truly amazing.)

Videographer extraordinaire Emmanuel Cruz stopped by a recent anti-Dow protest in Union Square, where it was nice to see people advocating on behalf of those less fortunate.