When Non-Profits Try To Do Viral Marketing

12/14/2009 1:31 PM |

City Harvest ad

On Saturday, very good and noble New York-based meal donation organization City Harvest‘s attempt at viral YouTube advertising surfaced (after the jump), and aside from the mind-boggling logistics of filling several subway cars with apples, having them spill out everywhere (Shining-style) and then telling us in conductor voice-over about all the food that is wasted in New York every day (like, when a group wastes tons of apples to prove a point and generate buzz), the actress they hired to guide us through the trauma is, well, not great.

The best part is when she looks right at the camera and asks “Are you getting this?” and then does an outrageous surprised jump back when the doors open. All I’m saying is it’s no T-Mobile viral ad, but then comparing a scary multinational telecommunications company and a benevolent, local grassroots organization is a little like comparing apples and, um, cell phones. (YesButNoButYes)