Why Do I Feel So Bad About Brittany Murphy’s Death?

12/21/2009 11:33 AM |

As you probably know by now, marginally successful screen actress Brittany Murphy died yesterday of what is now looking like a heart attack. Obviously, it is always sad when someone in their early thirties dies, but for some reason I found myself particularly upset about Ms. Murphy’s death, a minor celebrity I’d never particularly thought much of… And then I realized, this morning on the bus, THAT WE’RE IN THE SAME GRADE. Yup, we’re not quite a year apart, and I kind of feel like we took chemistry together; a feeling no doubt reinforced by the fact that Clueless came out during my last year of high school, and remains one of my all-time favorite movies (well, top 100). Murphy’s good in Clueless, displaying real comic timing, but at some point her or her agent decided the best way for her to make it big was to get all sexy and glam, which, fucking Hollywood, etc. Anyway, you should go watch Clueless, and if you don’t trust me, take it from Siskel and Ebert: