Why is My Aunt Friending Me on Facebook?

12/16/2009 10:45 AM |


Have your older family members been trying to add you as a friend on Facebook? That’s because old people spend a lot of time on the Internet! Nielsen’s third-quarter report reveals that people 65 or older, called “Silver Surfers” in some quarters (nyuk nyuk), spend almost two-and-a-half hours a week on-line; while that’s not the most time spent by a particular age group, it’s an hour more than that spent by their grandkids aged 12-17. (65-and-olders do watch the most television—almost 44 hours a week!)

It’s those aged 45-54 that spend the most time on-line every week: 6 hours and 45 minutes; even people 18-24 spend three hours less using the Web every week. (Those 55-64 spend about 45 minutes more on the net than the 18-24 demographic.) So, really, what else do all your relatives at or near retirement age have to do but search for you on social networks? They might even be Googling you. (No disrespect to my own family—you guys are great!) Of course, old people might spend so much time on-line because it takes them so long to type URLs and figure out what’s happening when they press enter.