Wondering About Billboard’s Top One-Hit Wonders List

12/08/2009 4:57 PM |

Daniel Powter

So yesterday, Billboard.com did me a huge favor when it posted its list of the top one-hit wonders of the 2000s, because not only am I a sucker for best of lists—especially those that encompass entire decades—but as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing better than one-hit wonders. They are the bedrock of the pop music world, giving us something that at first feels so fleeting, but actually sticks with us forever and ever. Case in point: Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day,” the top song on Billboard’s list. Remember that shit? It was terrible, but you still managed to hear it twenty times a day; and now three years later when you think you’ve forgotten all about it, you just need to see the title and all of a sudden you’re filled with that sometimes nauseating sensation of: “Oh God, remember when that came out?”

The rest of the list is like one awesome trip down the musty annals of pop culture: There’s Crazy Town’s “Butterfly,” Macy Gray’s “I Try,” D4L’s “Laffy Taffy,” Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee),” J-Kwon’s “Tipsy,” and one of my personal favorites, Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!),” which I think advocates larceny as a means of revenge. Awesome. Oh! And remember Jibbs’ “Chain Hang Low”? And Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s”? Those songs were great! Seriously though, you’re welcome.

I highly recommend checking out the entire list, but for all the classics on there, there were certainly a few songs missing. So, Billboard, allow me to pick up where you left off with some old favorites.

“Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)” — Nine Days — Oh man, this has to be one of the first CD’s I ever bought. That and I think Smash Mouth.

“The Middle” — Jimmy Eat World — I still listen to this song… because it’s still really, really good.

“All The Things She Said” — t.A.T.u — I remember coming home from school one day and seeing two Russian girls making out on TRL. And that song was really catchy too.

“Stacy’s Mom” — Fountains of Wayne — I forgot how many apt phallic and sexual metaphors/images are in this video; also the nod to Fast Times At Ridgemont High is great.

“Pop, Lock & Drop It” — Huey — The crunk/snap-rap underground. Sorta, not really.

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  • If you liked the one song you’ve heard by Tatu, I highly recommend the rest: http://www.amazon.com/Best-t-T-u/dp/B000I2…

    That CD is incredible, and sold me on them – there are so many songs on there I haven’t heard before, and the remixes are actually not throw away as you might expect. They’re extremely talented, & even when singing in Russian, you hang on every word. I wish they were still visible in the U.S., but I guess they’re busy with they’re on things in Russia.