You Should Listen to the New U2 Song from the Film Brothers Once, and Never Again

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12/02/2009 2:09 PM |

So I’ll review the movie, too, later this week. But for now, let’s talk about “Winter,” the new Oscar-eligible U2 song that plays over the ending credits. The movie is about young people going off to war and killing and dying and other really epic emotional stuff, like in U2 songs. You can tell from the lyrics that Bono’s totally seen the movie, especially the line about “Now I’m 25/and trying to stay alive,” because that’s about how old one of the soldiers is. The song also involves a talking part! You can listen for yourself below, and read the fucking poetry of its words (“Summer sang in me,” gross) here.

This all begs the question, really, of whether we need new U2 songs. If “All I Want Is You” was good enough for probable greatest film of all time Reality Bites, it’s good enough for you. (Be sure to watch the Reality Bites clip at least up to the part where Winona Ryder and Steve Zahn start speaking Spanish with remarkable fluency.)

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  • Actually, “Summer sang in me” is poetry. It’s from Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Eight Sonnets.

    But I’m sure you knew that.