Your Wall Calendar for 2010: Sex-Confident Mustaches

12/11/2009 4:02 PM |

Moustache Calendar

Since 2004, a group of Rhode Island School of Design students have been raising money to pay off their student debt by growing mustaches. The mustaches are then groomed into fun shapes and styles, like the “Journeyman,” “Casanova,” “Caveman” and “Mr. Introspective” (pictured), photographed by fellow students, and organized into stunning, themed wall calendars called the Moustache Calendar—this year’s theme is “Sex-Confident.” It’s basically like that mustache application I blogged about a while back, except with real people. And at $15, it’s the most affordable, classiest, mustachiest gift you can give this year. Plus, you know, the Talking Heads all met at RISD, so you could be funding the next Talking Heads. (Asylum)