A Non-Faith-Based Way to Give

01/19/2010 2:00 PM |

Your donations feed my ego

  • Your donations feed my ego

It’s not just people who go to Church on Easter who care about earthquake victims! Or such is the idea behind hell-bound author Richard Dawkins’ new project. Non-believers can donate money to The Red Cross the catchily named “Non-Believers Giving Aid,” which will pass it along to The Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. Why not donate the money to those organizations directly? Because Times of Tragedy are also times to make petty statements!

Meanwhile, most of the money you’ve been giving to aid organizations doesn’t seem to be making it very far past the airport—now controlled by the American military—according to some devastating reporting-from-Haiti by Amy Goodman on this morning’s Democracy Now!. (If you don’t have a radio in your kitchen, I highly recommend you get one.)