¡Adios, Ugly Betty!

01/29/2010 12:37 PM |

Hey, shes neither ugly nor Betty

  • Hey, she’s neither ugly nor Betty

ABC is axing Ugly Betty, the American-adaptation of popular telenovela Betty La Fea about an intern at The L a fashion magazine. The show will end in the spring after eight more new episodes, having run for four seasons.

Betty began as a bona fide hit, garnering not only viewers but awards—star America Ferrera won a Golden Globe and an Emmy back in the mid-2000s. But, according to the New York Times, the show has consistently lost viewers, likely thanks to “convoluted story lines”. (Did Betty travel through time like in Lost? To a fashion magazine in 1977? I wouldn’t know because I’m 2 Cool 2 Watch It.) The show averages about five million viewers an episode, which means that if it were on NBC, Ferrera would be getting The Tonight Show.

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