Album of the Year Contender? Ke$ha’s Animal Drops Today

01/05/2010 10:21 AM |


I assume you’ve already stopped by your local Tower Records Virgin Megastore FYE favorite site for illegal downloading this morning to pick up Animal, the debut full-length from Ke$ha. You know…. Ke$ha? Brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels? Is totally cool with getting groped at nightclubs as long as the groper isn’t too drunk? Right, Ke$ha. Her record’s out today, and she’s really proud of it, because it’s like so totally her!

“I’m excited about it because it kind of accurately documents my life over the past four years,” she told MTV News. “And I think any girl, and hopefully guys too, can relate to the record. I talk about pretty much anything — you name it. … I think that throughout the album, what I’m really proud of — I think every song you can tell it’s me. It’s all really honest — almost to a fault — and really genuine.”

I’ll check back in later today to let you know if I’m able to relate. I have very high hopes.

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