“Benevolent” Whole Foods Dictator Gets More Culty, Hates Fat People

01/27/2010 10:47 AM |

TJ John Mackey

  • Frank T.J. “John” Mackey.

We’ve long had a beef with Whole Foods’ Randian, union-busting, organic robber baron John Mackey, but things are staring to get a little weird over there.

Mackey has introduced a program whereby employee discounts will be set up on a sliding scale, based on individual metrics of health: smoking, cholesterol, and most problematically, body mass index (BMI). Seriously. The standard company-wide discount is 20 percent off, but if you qualify for “platinum” level fitness (you know, like this guy), you’ll get 30 percent off. One of the main reasons behind the program is to drive down company health insurance costs—and to make fat people feel shame and guilt, adding to their already life-long cycle of same.

The money quote, from the Daily News article:

Employees at two Manhattan stores weren’t aware of the perk and said it sounded too far-fetched to be true. “They don’t do such things,” said 27-year-old Junior, one of several who requested his last name be withheld for fear of being fired.

Watch your back, Junior.

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