Cheap Eats in Fancy Digs

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01/20/2010 3:30 AM |

Blaue Gans, 139 Duane St.
Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s Tribeca restaurant boasts upscale dishes like whole roasted dorade, but thrifty types might want to go for one of the $9 sausages instead.

Peter Luger, 178 Broadway, Williamsburg
The home of one NYC’s best (and most expensive) steaks might also be the home of NYC’s best hamburger. For $10, you can stop in for lunch (everyday until 3pm) and grab a hefty Luger Burger, a half-pound of seriously delicious beef on a sesame-seed bun.

Momofuku, 171 First Ave.
Is $100 for a plate of fried chicken a deal? It is if you are sharing it with eight people (that’s $12.50 per person for you math whizzes) and this gargantuan plate of both Old Bay- and Korean-style fried chicken easily feeds eight and then some. (Online reservation required.)

Char No. 4, 196 Smith St., Carroll Gardens
A BLT doesn’t sound like much of a meal, but then you probably haven’t had one from this whiskey bar/restaurant. The in-house bacon is cut almost comically thick and is topped with lettuce and pickled tomatoes for one hell of a $9 sandwich.

Rye, 247 S. 1st St., Williamsburg
The bill at former Dumont chef Cal Elliot’s Williamsburg restaurant can add up quickly. Go for one of the hearty braised short rib or Berkshire pork belly sandwiches (both $8) and save some cash for the excellent cocktails.

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