Every Character, Object and Building in This Short Hostage Movie is a Logo

01/21/2010 11:44 AM |


Remember the 1995 Simpsons Halloween special, in which all of Springfield’s billboard icons like Kent Brockman and The Lard Lad come to life and lay siege to the city? Well, the Parisian ad agency H5 has taken that concept of a world populated with advertising personalities and logos to an absurd, but very enjoyable extreme, with its cop drama Logorama (embedded after the jump), in which two Michelin men try to rescue Big Boy from a deranged criminal, Ronald McDonald.

The short animated film, six years in the making, is set in a world where everything is a more or less famous logo. Many of the characters have personalities that don’t quite fit their corporate backgrounds: the protagonists are foul-mouthed Michelin men, the Joker-ish criminal is Ronald McDonald, Mr. Clean is an effeminate tour guide at the zoo and the Pringles guy is a dirty old man harassing a waitress (the Esso girl). Plus it’s actually a funny and well-written, Tarantino-esque action movie. (DesignYouTrust)