Finally: The RZA Is Making a Kung Fu Movie!

01/06/2010 3:11 PM |


If you’ve listened to much Wu-Tang, watched the animated samurai-blaxploitation series Afro Samurai, or blissed out to the score of Kill Bill, Ghost Dog or Blade 3, you’re aware of the voracious, omnivorous cultural appetite of the Wu co-founder and artistic chimera known as the RZA. Now, after years of composing music for and sampling snippets from kung fu movies, RZA will get to try his hand at filmmaking.

In an interview with the L.A. Times he explains how friendships with Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch and Eli Roth allowed him to spend days and weeks on film sets studying the technical craft of movie-making, and now he feels ready to step into the directors chair—as do the financial backers who’ve given the project the green light. Roth, creator of the Hostel films, will serve as producer on RZA’s project, The Man With the Iron Fist, which, despite its title, will likely feature a female actor in the lead. RZA explains: “I don’t know if I’ll be the star. The ladies will be the star. There’s a lot of ladies in this film.” So, like, a feminist Seven Samurai?