Found Photos Blog Awkward Stock Photos Is [Stock Expression for Excellence]

01/28/2010 9:45 AM |

Awkward Stock Photos

We’ve all thought it at some point: Where the hell did that random yet weirdly perfect stock photo come from, and what free-associating photographer could have known that it would one day be needed to illustrate a story that seems tailor-made for it? That’s just one of the fun guessing and hypothesizing games you can play while browsing the relatively new but, we feel, very promising Tumblr blog Awkward Stock Photos. Also, who shoots these? Are stock photographers like a whole separate micro-industry within photography? Or is it something that “real” photographers do to pay the rent, and if so, how do they decide what they submit to a stock photo agency and what they hang in a gallery? So many questions! (Urlesque)