Free E-Waste Pickups Now Available in Brooklyn

01/13/2010 8:57 AM |


At the beginning of the month, the e-waste management company The 4th Bin started offering a free pick-up service throughout Manhattan, whereby they’d come to your home or office to pick up any old electronics you might have and dispose of them properly—as opposed to letting them go to a landfill, where they’re all kinds of awful. Given that New Yorkers threw out 250,000 tons of e-waste in 2005 (a number that has surely grown by now), exclusively offering the pick-up service in Manhattan only addresses a fraction of the problem.

But according to Metropolis, 4th Bin announced yesterday that as of later this month the company will begin offering its free pick-up services in Brooklyn. So if you’ve been collecting old cell phones, busted iPods and other items of rapidly antiquated technology, now’s the time to dispose of them properly—the deadline for January pick-ups in Brooklyn and Manhattan is January 15.