High Fructose Corn Syrup is Good for You, Duh

01/29/2010 5:28 PM |


The Corn Refiners Association has created a series of commercials to explain that high fructose corn syrup is totally fine for your health. The logic? You don’t know why HFCS is bad for you, and therefore it isn’t. Stupid.

In fact, HFCS is probably bad for you, or at least society as a whole—unless the skyrocketing obesity and diabetes rates in this country that correlate with the introduction of HFCS into our diet are mere coincidence—for complicated scientific reasons that are outlined here. (If you’re suspicious of Wikipedia, try this.) Unless you want to believe the studies funded by “a large corn refiner, the American Beverage Institute and the Corn Refiners Association,” in which case HFCS is totally fine, dude. You might also believe the testimony of reporters for media comapnies of which you’ve never heard, or scientists who work for organizations with which you’re unfamiliar.

Video after the jump.

Notice the racial dynamics here, too: the white lady is all like, “I know a lot more than you” even though she doesn’t, while the black lady is all like, “I think soda is a vegetable”.

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  • Soda IS a vegetable! Duh.

  • So we’ve got Evolution Deniers, Global Warming Deniers, and Global Fattening Deniers. All rely on dismissing a theory because of its complexity or characterizing its proponents as elitist and/or immoral. “Argument From Ignorance” is the trump card of American debate.