How Your Sausage Gets Made: Oh Shit, It’s Closing Day!

01/14/2010 1:29 PM |

Old news room

Beloved Reader: There’s something you should know. We’re not just a hot, sexy new media company, cold blogging and playing Foosball all day, doing coke off the bums of Montenegrin hookers. Nope, we’re also an old media company, putting out a print magazine, drinking Sanka, getting paper cuts, and borrowing money from interns.

As such, I just wanted you all to know that today is a “closing day,” which means that at the same as we delight you with our hilarious blogging, we are also copy editing, rewriting, fitting, coming up with stupid headlines and doing all the other weird, fussy things that a print magazine requires, all so that we can “ship” the edition to the printer in the wee hours of the morning. And you see, Beloved Reader, unlike the Internet, once something’s out there in print, it’s out there forever; it still scares me. All of which is to say, be gentle with us today, for we are feeling a little overwhelmed. (Though we have pizza to look forward to, I suppose. And beer. And big fat print journalist paychecks.)

The Editors

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