Hulu for the Performing Arts?

01/26/2010 2:39 PM |

temporary distortion american kamikaze, a new website launched last week through the Seattle performance center On the Boards, aims to grow into an online video library not unlike Criterion but for live performance. As of right now there are only seven performances available through the site, which can be rented or purchased, and are available to subscribers at any time. Already, though, the impressive little collection includes emerging and established names like Jan Fabre, Young Jean Lee and Temporary Distortion (pictured).

As opposed to the amateur recordings often distributed within the performing arts industry, videos are shot and recorded by professionals, making this not only a great marketing device for artists, but also a potentially revolutionary venue for archiving performances that have very limited runs at very small venues. Of course, it also raises the whole “original vs. copy”, “live vs. recording” debate, but this is a much-needed resource for performing artists that’s been a long time coming. (Playgoer)
(photo credit: Stacey Collins)