In Canada, We’re So Tough We Play Hockey Naked

01/07/2010 8:34 AM |

naked hockey players

Most of you probably haven’t even realized that the Winter Olympics are right around the corner. Well, they are, and they are in my home country of Canada. As such, my entire nation is obsessing over the make-up of the Olympic team, and if we can get beat the Russians and/or Swedes. More importantly, though, is the awesome bronze statue of naked hockey player taking a slapshot outside of Pride House (the welcoming place for gay Olympians), in Whistler (where the skiing will take place). It’s absurdly called “Slapshotolus” and this is what sculptor Edmund Haakanson had to say about it:

It is a symbolic expression of the concept that one who lives a life of noble ideals does not require protection, does not need to cover because there is nothing to hide.

At which point he was butt-ended in the nuts and doubled over in pain. The full monty is after the jump.

naked hockey player