In Death, Eric Rohmer Has a Twitter Meme

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01/12/2010 5:01 PM |


Great work by Dave Kehr in his Times Eric Rohmer obit, fitting in a reference to Arthur Penn’s neglected but cult-beloved 1975 neo-noir Night Moves; famously, the ex-jock cuckolded sleuth played by Gene Hackman tells his wife, who’s going out to see the latest French film, “I saw a Rohmer film once. It was like watching paint dry.”

So, naturally, here is the most meaningful tribute imaginable to a filmmaker rooted in an 18th century literary and moral sensibility: hot Twitter meme #nightmoves.

My personal favorites come from the always D-lightful Scottish critic and filmmaker D. Cairns:

“#nightmoves “I saw a Cassavetes movie once, it was kinda like watching paint improvise.”

#nightmoves “I saw a Michael Bay film once. It was kind of like watching paint explode.”

Et cetera. Recently posted to the L’s twitter:

I saw a Wes Anderson film once, it was kinda like watching paint dry in the background of a symmetrical widescreen composition.#nightmoves

I saw a Woody Allen film once, it was kinda like watching paint forget and then remember its lines in the same master shot.#nightmoves

You try it!