Inject Heroin Like a Pro

01/07/2010 9:06 AM |


Forget books, films, albums, fashion trends, television shows… all of it. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene summed up the last decade with its Top Ten List for Safer Heroin Use… and then printed 70,000 copies to distribute to the City’s addicts. What could be confused for a how-to guide—it’s illustrated!—is a 16-page safer-use maunal (which was promptly taken down off the website) with tips for preparing drugs and the veins into which they’ll be injected.

The strategy is part of a greater harm-reduction plan being implemented by NYC officials, but it has met with opposition from the state DEA as well as concerned council members and researchers. Judge for yourself with screen caps from Animal, The Post, and NBC New York. Could these pages help prevent the spread of disease, or are they more likely to take the guess work out of the process for some clueless, future users?

One Comment

  • i’m all for mitigating risk, but their 10 tips are ridiculous and unhelpful. aren’t these things that everybody know? or maybe i am just naturally gifted at being a potential junkie.