Jennifer Lopez Thinks She Should Have Won an Oscar for a Movie You Definitely Did Not See

01/06/2010 1:20 PM |


In an interview to be published in an upcoming issue of Latina magazine, Jennifer Lopez gripes that she thinks she probably should have won an Oscar for her supporting role in El Cantante, the 2006 biopic about troubled salsa star Hector Lavoe.

“I feel like I had that (Oscar role) in ‘El Cantante,’ but I don’t even think the Academy members saw it. I feel like it’s their responsibility to do that, to see everything that’s out there, everything that could be great.”

I’ve never seen this movie, of course, and I only vaguely remember it existing. I just went and read some reviews, though, and for what it’s worth, everyone hated it. And mostly everyone hated it because Jennifer Lopez is bad at acting.

This may seem like a stretch, but it’s not: I’m sitting here trying to think of a celebrity I like less than Jennifer Lopez, and I can’t. She sings songs about shoes, as if she missed the entire last decade, during which songs about shoes became sort of passé. (Not to mention, the song itself sounds like a throwaway freestyle track from the late 80s, which is something no one ever points out because it just even feel worth it.) Of all the studio-based, auto-tuned and pitch-adjusted starlets out there, her voice is by far the worst, which I guess isn’t a big deal, because she never uses it in public anyway. She also doesn’t really dance very much anymore, which is strange. During her last two performances (on the AMAs and at the New Year’s Eve thing with Ryan Seacrest), her dance routines have been practically non-existent (yet one of them still caused her to fall down). I don’t understand this: There was this one thing, dancing, that she was really good at, and then a bunch of assholes convinced her she was good at other things too, and she’s such an egomaniac asshole that instead of just realizing they were wrong and going back to doing the one thing she was good at, she just sits around complaining that people don’t recognize her all the other things she does so poorly. Also, she sings songs about shoes. [SFGate]

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  • Actually, she should’ve gotten an Oscar nomination for Out of Sight. She is excellent in that movie. I blame her singing career, actually, for her never fulfilling that promise — once she had some hit records, she started picking roles like a singer, not an actor.

  • I think she’s really pretty great. Her performance in Out of Sight was… “Out of sight!” /Gene Shalit

  • Let’s not forget that before Out of Sight, she was also in Anaconda and Money Train. And Selena, too, which I’m actually down with because it’s one of those movies that’s made me lose the ability to picture the person it’s about. Lou Diamond Phillips, Val Kilmer and Gary Busey, etc.

  • Maybe she’s confused because so many other people involved with Anaconda were nominated for Oscars before and after that movie — she’s due! She’s pretty good at the femme fatale in U-Turn, too. She needs a strong director, but so do most non-brilliant actors.

  • I think Jennifer Lopez is lovely, one of the few real stars of the past decade. who’s so much better or prettier or more talented? madonna, britney spears or the twilight family maby?

  • arrogant bitch-got famous cuz Selenaand her ass(Kim’s got better one) can’t sing, can’t act, can’t even dance anymore. This conceited bitch is done.