Let’s Be Honest: You’re Not Going to Coachella

01/19/2010 2:28 PM |


So, yes, Coachella was announced. Pavement’s playing, as are J-Hova, the guy from Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, Spoon, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors and, oh, every other band you’ve ever liked, including fucking Faith No More.

But here’s the thing: you’re not gonna go. It’s in California, which is mad far away. It also lasts for three days, which is a mad long time when you have a job and other responsibilities. And three-day passes are $269, which is mad expensive, especially when you to that the cost of plane tickets. And this might mean slightly less to some of you, but it’s going on during the Stanley Cup playoffs, so just… no.

Instead, I recommend setting your sights on the Broken Social Scene-curated Toronto Island Concert taking place on June 19th. Tickets are a very reasonable $49, the show lasts a very reasonable one full day, and it’s way closer than California, even despite being in an entirely different country. Also Pavement’s playing, along with Band of Horses, Broken Social Scene themselves, and a bunch of others that haven’t been announced yet. Pre-sale tickets are already sold out, but you’ll find a way, I know you will.

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  • Oh, but I am. And have been since 2001. Even though I live on the East Coat now. (‘Cause anything that’s more than a three hour drive is “mad far away,” so why not go whole hog and fly across the country?) Even though I have a job (lovely thing called “vacation time.”) Even though the plan flight out there was only slightly more than the tickets (less, had I waited ’til today). Tickets aren’t all that bad really, when you consider some major artists go for >$100 for a single evening’s show.

    Like a lot of festivals, it’s a destination and a process. The planning, checking out the new bands, going back and forth with your friends about where to stay is all part of the excitement. Helps the festival is pretty damn awesome too, of course.

    Me thinks Mr. Conklin’s just jealous he can’t go, or isn’t willing to take the time and effort to figure out how to make it happen. ‘Salright — that puts me one body closer to the stages.

  • this happens every year, the lineup gets announced, some people love it, some people hate it, the only thing that is constant is that its an amazing time every year. this year, a rare show by the Gorillaz, Thom Yorke and Flea on the same stage!!!, muse – widely considered one of the best live shows out there, jay-z the biggest name in hip hop, not to mention a stellar electronic lineup

    tiesto, guetta, deadmau5, dubstep forefather rusko, and a bunch of others

    come on come all, just keep haters like mr. conklin at home

  • Who’s hating? Simply stating that, in fact, most people, especially those of us in New York, will not be attending Coachella because it’s something of an ordeal. I didn’t say it wasn’t a good lineup. It’s a great lineup, obviously. You guys should totally say what’s up to Flea for me.

  • In fact, most people *anywhere*, including California, won’t be attending Coachella.

    Doesn’t change the fact that your attempt at rationalization comes across as whiny and pouty. Sounds like a little kid stomping out of Toys ‘R Us shouting “Fine! I didn’t want the Zhu Zhu Hamster anyway! So there!”

  • I went to Coachella one year, Bonnaroo is way more fun, trust me on this. Coachella is a mini police state. Remember the naked wizard stun gun incident from last year? ’nuff said.

    I should also mention there will be a one day No Fun fest event in Montreal this year, sometime in June, so Canada, here I come…

  • @gik: If you like fat, naked, tripping-balls men with shrunken penises I can see why that would have been a buzzkill for you.