Liev Schreiber Gives Co-Star a Concussion

01/13/2010 10:42 AM |

Ow! Whyd you hit me, jerk?

  • Ow! Why’d you hit me, jerk?

Santino Fontana, Liev “Sabretooth” Schreiber’s co-star in the Broadway production of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge (now in previews; also starring Scarlett Johansson), is currently sitting out the show on doctor’s orders after the bloodthirsty Schreiber left him suffering from a minor concussion. The Times reported that Fontana was injured during a sparring scene with Schreiber in a performance over the New Year’s weekend. Morgan Spector, Fontana’s understudy, is currently filling in.

This is the second setback in a matter of months for Fontana, who had generated modest buzz for his role in the Bright Beach Memoirs revival that bombed in October, closing after only nine performances. The poor guy! It’s not that he can’t catch a break—he’s had two—but he just keeps catching the wrong ones.

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  • didn’t Sabretooth hit another actor in TALK RADIO a few years back? Erik Jensen! I think he ended up leaving the show. Look it up y’all.